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The trend of upgrading to the latest greatest smartphone is becoming a little tiresome. Though the last year’s devices such as the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 are still powerful enough by today’ standards, the market for upgrade is closely thinning out. The next milestone that is being hoped for is with wearable tech.
The idea of wearable tech has been floating around, and with innovations such as Google Glass and iWatch, it’s easy to see that the technology is so close to becoming mainstream. The lovers of wearable tech are really happy with the emergence of such innovative products that will not only soothe their cravings for tech, but also keep them in the latest trend and figure them as trendy and stylish!
The Rise of Wearable Tech
Bluetooth devices were the first gadgets that introduced the idea to the market. But at the time of their inception wearable tech was still ahead of its time as not many gadgets followed. Right now though, it is an idea that is being heavily adopted.
Features Contributing to the Growing Popularity
Smartwatches are already available in the market, and Android-powered eyewear is close to becoming commercially available. These gadgets will be linked with your smartphone, though some will have independent features. They will have voice control features to make interaction a lot more effortless.
Wearable Tech Devices Encourage Interaction
It is widely thought that smartphones have reduced physical interactions rather significantly. More people interact more with machines than they do with people. Wearable technology is being considered as one way of averting this fate.
Is There Any Wearable Tech for Health?
Matters of health are gaining more gravity as lifestyle diseases slowly increase. And the tech industry is also aware of its importance. And it is this awareness that this new technology is offering some appreciable health benefits:
• There are products that have been designed that help monitor your health, by companies such as Nike.
• They come in form of wristbands that calculate things such as blood pressure and blood glucose levels.
• The growing popularity of this is revealing the willingness of the market to take up this technology.
• This is perhaps what has inspired S health in the upcoming S4 which, together with the wristband, provides you with information such as the calories you consume, and those you burn.
Right now, there might not be much of a selection in the wearable tech industry. But within a decade, the story is expected to be a completely different one with plethora of new products.

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